Saturday, July 29, 2006

Below See Level

As I was standing in line at Tim Horton's this morning, gazing off into nothingness while the queue crawled forward, I was accosted by one of the Church Youth who was on his way out with a friend.   

Startled back to reality, I greeted him and we had a brief exchange.

I expect I appeared a right snob, and I was again brought up short (pun intended) by my lack of stature.

The thing of it is, when I'm standing, looking ahead, I see chests.

I see stomachs.

I see armpits. 

I see the odd belt buckle or chin.

In order to see faces I have to look up.

Yet another symptom of being below average... vertically challenged... not as tall as you.

With this in mind, I humbly and fervently apologize if I have ever seemed to snub you when you've passed by me in a store or on the street; if you've tried to make eye contact and didn't hail me by name. 

I assure you that if I had seen you coming I would have greeted you joyfully and effusively.

Hmm... goldfish memory... living below see level... coincidence? I wonder.

1 comment:

  1. You must be tremendously cute! Being a foot taller than you - I think we should go shopping together! :)

    Tee hee hee!