Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Day Older

Well, Hillary is, anyway.

I hope she had a happy birthday, in spite of having her festivities invaded by her Dad's Cousin's wedding...

It was nice to have her home for a night.

She popped in for the first time since the middle of August, when she moved to the City for school.


For her, too, I imagine.

But it was nice to be able to "do" her birthday for her. We had the birthday supper last night, and did the birthday brunch today. I'm glad her first year away from home wasn't her first birthday away too.

Ah, well.


Tomorrow's another day... although I keep forgetting which one it is...

The family room is finished. Two green garbage bags of fabric and wool to go to our favourite local charity, and 4 shopping bags of garbage to go to the bin, and 4 or 5 boxes were emptied and flattened for recycling.

Not bad for a day's... three day's work.

I think this day is over, though.

It feels like it's been a long one, so I'm not sad to see the end of it; bed sounds like a good idea.


Happy Birthday, Hillary. It was nice to have you home. Love you lots.

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