Monday, September 25, 2006

Dishing Up The Dirt

It feels as though I haven't a lot to give, here, these days... apart from fall cleaning updates.

Today, if no better opportunity presents itself, I will probably start the laundry room... or, as it's fondly referred to,  The Junk Repository.

I am hoping it's not as bad as it looks.

I think it's not.

I have a sneaking suspicion that half of the clutter I can see is a combination of off season outer-wear and wrinkled things waiting to be pressed and put away. So there will likely be a day of sorting and re-shelving, followed by a few days of hard ironing... movie days, in other words!

If I find any nasty or unexpected surprises, I'll let you know.

If you don't hear from me for awhile, consider me missing in action and send in the paratroopers... or those house fixing people from TLC.

I'm off to take an allergy pill and begin my quest for the concrete. (as in floors... of the laundry room... and WHY is it, that the person who's allergic to dust feels compelled to do the spring/ fall cleaning anyway?! Shouldn't the less sinus- challenged members of the household kick it up a notch and be as bothered by the clutter and dust? Another great mystery of life.)


  1. here's the moment you've been waiting for:

    I need a recipe.

    For sugar cookies...

    and if you like math, do you want to convert it into weights and things? teaspoons, soup spoons, grams?

    I plan to make the dough next tuesday, then that afternoon we'll cut it into shapes and cook it. then decorate them thursday, and have tea with a friend on Friday. Today I planned out next week, and I feel super-awesome. Tired, but now it's all planned so I can sit back and do it.

  2. Umm... check out "Kitchen Creations" to the right there... I'm WAY ahead of you. I WILL, however, see about adding the weights to it for you.

    : )

  3. Oh, sorry...I looked in "Recipes"...the logical spot, I should think...

  4. I looked there first, and I couldn't find it.