Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clean-ish Bill Of Health

Well, it was time for my 3 month sugar screening... don't ask me what this witchcraft is, I just know I have to go 4 times a year now for a blood test that snitches on me if I haven't been good.

I was about 2 weeks late for it this time, but at least the numbers are better. My first Hemoglobin A1c prompted the Doctor to double my Metformin.

This time it's better.

No nasty surprises.

But, when he asked how I was, I had to say, just "OK".

I told him I'm getting tired of IT.

He gave me a pep talk that included what a good patient I am, but agreed that it's not going to go away, and confirmed that yes, I DO have diabetes.

It's actually the first time he's come right out and said it.

At least it's not life threatening, and the new Glucose Monitor from the Diabetes Clinic lady only take 5 seconds to tell you what your sugar levels are at. 

At least, as well, my sugar numbers have been steady enough that he said I don't have to be testing regularly. I'll probably just use it to confirm my low/ high blood sugar suspicions for awhile... and to justify the odd Dairy Queen treat! 

So, I'm off to "buck up, little camper", walk on the sunny side of the street and deliver the groceries for the Home & School barbecue tonight.


  1. 'fo'....I sound like I'm from the ghetto. I meant 'FOR'.

  2. It's normal fo the numbers to get worse before they get better like that.

    Congrats on the good glucose labs...I stress about those suckers twice a year.