Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Getting Tired

of having to think about numbers.

In the good old days I didn't worry about the numbers. I ate what I liked- sugar be damned! Who thought about sugar?!  Alright, so they weren't such good old days. So I had an almost constant whiplash headache from the after meal nods... so I was tired and sluggish all the time, so I had a low- nay an almost non-existent metabolism... so what. At least I didn't have to think about "what's the serving size", and "if I want to have that special dessert, how much can I actually eat at supper time" and Coke was Coke! None of this "diet" cola crap.


I know I feel a hundred times better than I did 2 years ago.

I know I've gotten used to the artificial sweetener after- taste.

I know I'm getting darn good at cooking and baking things that taste good and are good for ya.

But, it does get tiring.

And really, no matter how acceptable "brown rice pudding" is, it's not the same as the creamy, calorie filled white rice version I grew up with.

At least I can put raisins in mine... because, being brown, no one else is going to eat it!


  1. Maturity and a gently declining body - who'd have 'em?

    Oh, all of us then.


    It's not quite so difficult but I understand a bit. back in the early spring I'd realised that I was getting fat, and no amount of 'good posture' was going to stop the slump on my belly. So I've gone from being able to eat anything to being hungry all the time, even after meals. Not as difficult as your scenario, but enough that I can be aware and sympathetic.

  2. I tried making brown rice pudding, and you're's not that great!

  3. No, no... I didn't say it wasn't that great, I just said white rice pudding like my mother used to make is better. I had cold leftover brown rice pudidng for lunch with a little cream on top and it's quite good. I suspect that long grain brown rice wouldn't be as good, but try it with the short grain brown.