Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween?

The Halloween Tea and Bake Sale cupcakes are baked and decorated.

The grade 7 Halloween party caramel popcorn is popped and... uh... caramelized.

The bag o' treats has been stashed until tomorrow night.

The steak for supper tomorrow, is marinating, as we speak, in the refrigerator.

The dryer just stopped, which means the underwear is dry and can be put away.

The pumpkin?

Not cleaned out or carved.

The costumes?


Are all systems go?

I guess we'll know when they've gone.

Or not.

It is time to turn everything off and send everyone to bed.

Whether or not the homework has reached a satisfactory state of completeness.


  1. Way to go Supermom! Us moms don't hear it enough. Wouldn't it be nice if Halloween was always on a weekend? Your kids WILL remember and appreciate all that you do when they have kids. What I want to know is how'd you manage the steak? My kids are lucky to get frozen pizza tonight.

  2. They're just lucky. Husband was hungry for steak, so I bought a "warehouse" pack and was repackaging it for the freezer. Just as easy to "rub" a few pieces with spices and stick them in a container in the fridge to cook the next day. I'm hoping to get some potatoes wrapped and ready to bake before I go back for the afternoon session of "Tea" at the school. If the potatoes get wrapped, I'll probably try broiled/ grilled steak in the oven. If I don't, we may get mashed potatoes and pan fried steak so I can make gravy. But- yeah, they're lucky to be getting food at all, so I'm sure they'll be no complaints! OR ELSE!