Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tea For Two... Hundred

We're breaking in our new Principal today!

It's his first official School "Event".

How long has the school done the "Halloween Tea and Bake Sale"? someone asked me this morning.

I said I didn't know.

A million years.

But, we're all set up, hoping there are enough chairs.

A dozen grade 8 students will serve tea and coffee, and I've given them the "pre- tea" pep talk. They look like a good bunch. I've got them keeping an eye on the dainty plates, for even distribution of goodies, and on the cream and sugar levels on the tables. They're also going to be ready to fetch more chairs, if needed, from the library or art room.

Our beautiful Secretary and Jane of all trades plugged in the coffee urns for us, so we should have hot beverages to serve.

Our capable volunteers have the tables set, and the cookies and cupcakes set up for consumption.

I think it should go smoothly.

We did have fun imagining all of the jobs we could tell our new Principal he was responsible for... but we'll be nice.

And the boy is home for lunch, so.... we're off again.

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