Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Favourite Kind Of Dinner Party

We had company for lunch; new friends from Yellowknife who are in town for a few days.

It was my favourite kind of lunch.

Very relaxed, very informal... the butternut squash soup (some of Campbells added to some home-made) was absolutely perfect for the cool, cloudy, windy, autumnal day... and getting ready and cleaning up was just so enjoyable today.

There were only four of us, so I used all my favourite dishes... and had a lovely time tripping down many of memory's lanes... two autumn leaf bowls and bread plates from the yard sale 2 years ago on Johanna's birthday... two pink rose bowls and little plates from the set Doc Willis gave us as a Wedding gift... veggies set out on a serving plate that we inherited from Grandma Friesen... tablecloth from Mom... napkins from a Winnipeg friend... dessert squares set out on the little rose patterned, 2 tiered plate that Hillary and I found when we were having our wild weekend away in Moose Jaw... mmmm.....

It was a very nice morning, getting ready, and a very nice afternoon visiting and tidying up.

Now I get to look forward to trying the wheel at pottery class tonight! I'm getting picked up in about an hour and a half. I'm getting pretty excited.

I suppose I should feed Micah before I go... meh, a mere inconsequentiality.

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  1. Pottery class was always my favorite in school. Glad to hear you're doing something fun and new. Have a great time! Make something cool.