Friday, November 24, 2006

If That Isn't Love

Knowing the Husband had an 8:00 appointment...

And knowing that it was 7:39...

And seeing him jump out of bed, when told of the time, with  nearly an expletive...

I went out and started the van for him.

I brushed off the snow for good measure.

He noted that I hadn't shoveled.

I said, It's not a perfect world, I guess.


Just don't tell The Boy.

He leaves in half an hour, and will need to go out and start the car to warm it up...

And be reminded to unplug it before he drives off...

I made him a sandwich for lunch. That's all the sweetness he gets this morning.

(if you don't count the breakfast doughnuts his Dad brought home last night)


  1. You're too good, Laura. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

  2. Not nearly often enough!

    : )