Monday, November 13, 2006

One Down, One More To Go

Baking days.

I didn't really know that today would become such a baking day, but... it has.

Tomorrow is early dismissal day, which means Staff Snack in the afternoon.

I'm also teaching the babysitting course for 3 hours and 15 minutes... which means I need to be ready to go over to the school by 11:20 or so- possibly much sooner if I have to make 2 trips.

So, I decided to bake some squares for the Staff Snack, since I brought cookies last month.

I also decided to make some cookies for the babysitting course students... it will be a long afternoon for them too, and I'm hoping a little bribery will keep them focussed... and at least not hating me!

Now, if you know me, you know that one kind of squares will not do. People need choice.

At least 2 choices.

Three is better.

So, a pan of Brownies, a pan of "Grant's Special" and a pan of Buttertart squares later... I started on the cookies!

I thought chocolate chunk cookies (with chopped up Easter Bunny... my sadistic tendencies surfacing there) would do the trick, but with nearly 30 kids in the class, I wouldn't have been able to leave any at home for the boys.

So, I also did a batch of sugar cookie snowflakes, with which I will try Tammy's suggestion. (brushing them with an icing sugar glaze after they're baked and cooled)

Today was baking day one.

Tomorrow is babysitting course day, and, hopefully, pottery evening.

Wednesday will be baking day two.

I haven't done any baking for any of my regular customers since summer, it's just been that busy around here.

Wednesday looked like a free day, so I've committed myself to Cinnamon Buns and Orange Rolls.

I think I'll be very ready for Tea With Tracey by Thursday morning! 


  1. Mmmmm... chopped up Easter bunny. :)

  2. Just wash off the knife before working on the cinnamon rolls. I hate the taste of rabbit entrails with cinnamon.

    Now, chocolate and orange is another matter. :)