Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Parents Are Always The Last To Know

I'm doing the laundry today, and, I'm afraid I just found something in my youngest son's trouser pocket.

It shocks and disturbs me.

It also explains so much.

He's been having a bit of a struggle with grade 7.

It's been hard to find his place- his niche- his groove.

I thought it was getting better.

He's begun to make friends... he's been a little more conscientious about his homework... a little less belligerent, less argumentative, easier to get along with...

And then I found... in his pocket... I don't always remember to check them, but it's a good thing I did today...

I was sure he must have picked it up at school- but inside- well, there was a stamp on the inside cover... it said... "Gateway Covenant Church"...

A little booklet- there in his pocket!

"Alcoholism: Coping With Your Family's Problem"


Maybe I should lay off the tea for awhile.


*UPDATE: We had a little "intervention" at lunch time... he "says" he was holding it for "a friend"... we'll be monitoring the situation. Cheers!

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