Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still Crazy After All These Years

(I don't know what that has to do with anything, it just seemed, somehow, appropriate today.)


I know.

Deep subject.

We've finally been shoveled out... there was a bit of, uh- I'll be generous and call it "miscommunication" with the teenager who volunteered to give up indoor chore duty for outdoor shovelling...

But there's snow in the forecast again today.

I wouldn't have thought so last night, but since the sky has lightened, it has continued to cloud over... outside, through the window, there is now the distinctive "white" look of a snowy day.

Dirty, grey- white.

A vast blankness.

Sky and ground one continuous canvass of non-colour, broken only by the fuzzy, naked, darker grey of a leafless belt of trees.


And I'm off to tackle a Halloween pumpkin.

I hope this is not a new trend in procrastination... if it is, you had all better come for Christmas around the middle of  January.


Assemble the casserole I started yesterday, get the pumpkin cleaned, cooked and frozen, give my husband some musical support when he does the service at the Senior's home across the street, and generally keep busy until pottery tonight!

I still like pottery. I think it's becoming my escape from reality!

Well, it's relaxing and calming, and it lets me see different people and I'm making new friends. It's nice to not be "Micah's Mom" or "Rev. Randall's wife"... at the Arts Center I'm known as "the lady who does the awesome Celtic stuff."

It's a nice change!

And at least the "Celtic stuff" can be brought home to work on. After Christmas I'll seriously practice on the wheel.



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