Thursday, November 30, 2006

And Now We're Home.

Bow to your partner.

Bow to the Gent across the hall...

(Bugs Bunny and the Hillbilly brothers... and their square dance?... remember?)



Hmmm, still with the well....

I didn't get anywhere near the pumpkin today.

Good thing it's in a cool-ish place.

Maybe tomorrow.

I did get a Christmas gift finished.

(I'm not telling. It's a surprise.)

And I did get to the pottery studio.

My little 8 inch plate is done. I'll try to show you later.

I started another, slightly larger square plate.

It will have a very cool design; a circle in a square.

I made this plate on Sunday, I think. Tonight I applied the colour and got most of the carving out done. I brought it home to finish.

I also formed a round plate, which I had to leave at the studio.

Now I'll be itching to get back there this weekend.

I think I'm addicted to pot.



I'm potty?

Time to go kick the boys off the X-Box and send them to their corners for the night.

And the tea must be steeped by now.

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