Friday, November 3, 2006

Well, I'll Beat Last Night...

But it still feels pretty late.

Micah and I were at a "Friends and Family" Variety night, organized by St. George's Anglican Church, and, more specifically, my friend and favourite Vicar, the Reverend Tracey Lloyd Smith, (although her husband, the Reverend Dr. David Smith comes in a close second!).

She's never as stuffy as that might have sounded!

It was such a good evening.

Short plays, sketches, poems, music.

Although I got all verklempt more than once, it was meant to be a fun and lighthearted time. 

And it was.

And when the band played I couldn't get the happy grin off my face. 

It was just like a big, extended family gathering. Really, really nice.

The perfect way to end this crazy week.

And when we came outside, after the dessert auction and consumption of auctioned goods

It was snowing.


Nice and peaceful.

And now I'll go to bed.


  1. verklempt? is that even a word?


    : )