Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho And All That Jazz

 Now, what was I saying...

I started to write, but then Firefox "encountered a problem" and had to close.

They were sorry for the inconvenience, and all unsaved data would be lost.


I think I had been saying that we've had a good Christmas so far.

We spent Christmas day in Saskatoon, and then stayed over a few nights to give us a chance to stop by our favourite stores... and a couple that could become favourite!

McQuarries Tea shop and McNally Robinson were open, but the Tree pottery place wasn't.

So I have Earl Grey Cream tea to drink while I envision clay projects with Celtic knots and Chinese motifs and designs from the books I bought to further my pottery career.

If Christmas were about the gifts, I'd say it had been an amazing Christmas this year.

My husband gave me the furriest, fluffiest, cosiest robe imaginable. My University Daughter put her ingenuity and hands to work and made a beautiful, velvet looking picture frame and a set of awesome leaf prints made from pictures she took around her place in Saskatoon. My Working Son put his earnings and his store discount to good use and bought me a new winter coat. My Junior High Son budgeted his allowance to come up with gifts for everyone, including dish cloth, tea towel and  paper towel holder for me. My Sister- In- Law found the Tracey Ullman knitting book I coveted, and I received it for my "box gift".

If Christmas were about the food, I'd say it had been a fulfilling Christmas this year.

We had a really nice Christmas Eve supper together as a family, and after the Candlelight service we came home to Rice Pudding and mulled cider. We had a wonderful turkey and ham dinner together as an extended family on Christmas Day, and enjoyed nibbling at the leftovers all evening.

If Christmas were about the people, I'd say it had been a happy/ sad Christmas this year.

We had a good time together, both our family here and with the siblings and Mom in Saskatoon. We played games and laughed and enjoyed each other. It was happy. But, we were two short. There were two empty chairs, and we fitted too easily around the table. We missed Dad and we missed Johanna. It was hard to talk to Johanna on the phone, even though we know she's safe and well. It was hard knowing she's missing us and missing her Papa. The happy is good, but the sad is always just below the surface.

If Christmas were about Jesus, I'd say it had been a Real Christmas this year.

He is here, and he's been walking with us through this Holiday Season. He's the glue that keeps us together. His is the peace and joy that makes it possible. Dad is with him. Johanna is kept in his hand.

So this is Christmas.

We'll be taking it fairly easy this week. The Husband is taking his last week of holiday time. The University Daughter has the rest of the week off. The Boys have a school break until January 7th.

And if I don't write... I'm probably curled up in my new cosy robe reading one of my new books, planning knitting or pottery projects... drinking the new tea or playing a game. 

Ho Ho Ho.


  1. Thanks for telling us about your Christmas. It makes me feel happy too.

  2. Glad you had such a great Christmas! I saw Tracy Ulman on Martha Stewart awhile ago promoting that book, it looks good!

    Sorry about the new blog- I lost my mind momentarily..... ;(