Sunday, December 24, 2006

In The Interest Of The Spirit Of The Season...

I'm realizing that the last few posts have  a slightly.... how shall I say... grumpy air?

I will admit that I've been over-tired.

Well, probably closer to completely exhausted, in every way.

There is also a lingering, quiet sadness inside, that in spite of the festive lights and music, pervades the atmousphere like a cold mist.

However, despite the sadness and the fatigue, I do feel fairly content. There is a joy in the center of my being that surges up and mixes with the sadness.

There's been much joy having the University Daughter home. It's wonderful to see the way she's maturing and growing. She's more beautiful than ever.

There was much joy watching and listening to the kids- well, the child and young person and young adult- working together and helping each other make their gingerbread houses yesterday.

There's been joy in watching them preparing surprises for each other; making and buying and wrapping gifts.

I'm looking forward to the Candlelight Service this evening, and to our traditional drive around  town to look at the lights.

I'm looking forward to hot mulled cider and rice pudding when we get home.

I'm looking forward to a couple of days in the City, and having sisters and a brother there to share the joy and the sorrow with.

I'm more ready for Christmas Eve than I've ever been.

I wish you Merry Christmas, and a restful, peaceful Christmas Eve.

(The Candlelight Service at Gateway Covenant Church- 1500 15th St. E, starts at 7:00 pm. If you have nothing on and it fits, as we say, come join us.)

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  1. we're praying for you guys and the entire friesen clan, we know it won't be an easy time, but pray there will be joy in there with the sorrow and memories.