Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mango Chicken

This seems to have worked...

Instead of the usual Lemon Chicken, or the favourite Sesame Chicken... I put the chicken pieces in the crock pot and covered them with frozen concentrated Mango Punch (which had been thawed, of course).

That was all- and it smells good... and the bit I taste tested is good... if I had any cornstarch I'd add a tablespoon to the sauce and thicken it. As it is, the juice seems to have thickened a bit, so I'll just serve it runny, but I'm really impressed with the chicken. It was way too easy. 

I wonder what other flavours of frozen juice would taste good with chicken.... 


  1. That sounds yummy. I've actually seen such a dish - Mango Chicken Curry in the frozen food dept.

  2. I honestly couldn't think of any spices to throw on top of it at the time, but Randall suggested curry. I think that would work. Next time!

  3. I gotta try that. We love our slow cooker but even with the Company's Coming Slow Cooker cookbook we don't use it enough.