Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My Name Is Lauralea, And I Am A Klutz

I know I have "klutzy" tendencies, and that they get worse when I'm tired or stressed. Especially tired.

This is the only thing I can come up with to explain my acrobatic performance last night after the Home & School meeting.

Unless someone spiked my London Fog...


I think it was just pure klutz.

You see, we car pooled to the coffee shop.

There were three of us, so someone had to sit in the back of the 2 door vehicle.

This, of course, means that the front seat person stands to the side while the front seat is folded forward, and the back seat person gets in.

We took turns.

I got the front seat on the way there, and she got the front seat on the way home.

No problem!

Except for my inability to keep track of my various appendages.

When we pulled up at my house, the front seat person obligingly got out and folded the seat forward so I could clamber out.

I sort of stood up in the back seat, (yeah... I'm short... I know) I put my left hand on the top of the open door for support, lifted my left foot over to the snowy sidewalk outside...

And proceeded to slide my right foot forward, catching it on the seatbelt. This began a sort of klutz chain reaction.

With the right foot held firmly in place across the front of the ankle, the right hand instinctively flew up to join the left hand in grasping the top of the car door, and the left foot instinctively drew back to rest on the inside of the car again.

With both hands firmly gripping the top of the car door outside, and both feet firmly planted in the back of the car on the inside... my back gave a cracking groan and my body sagged forward until I'm sure I looked like a bad impression of a suspension bridge.

When I got my foot untangled, and my hands unglued, and my breath back... well, we had a good chuckle about it.

But- I've got to conclude that I am a Klutz.

And that I have now literally bent over backward for the Home & School Association.

Yes, My name is Lauralea and I am a Klutz.

They say that the first step to recovery is being able to admit there is a problem...


  1. I'm sorry but I'm.......laughing......too.....hard.. Hope you didn't get......injured......too.....badly. Some;-)

  2. Well if you want to use all your articulation up in writing blogs, something has to take the shortfall (pun only half intended ;?).

  3. Now where was the Friesen-cam when that little adventure took place?

  4. Oh, Lauralea, I feel so guilty for not coming!(AND missing the fun) I pledge, next year I WILL COME AND DRIVE, TOO, The van would have been easier to say the least, then the only difficulty for us would have been climbing the ladder to get in! :) :) :) :)

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