Tuesday, December 5, 2006

So Far, So Good

Today's been a good day.

Knock on wood.

I wasn't sure it would be.

(It was G-R-O-C-E-R-Y shopping day)

I made The Boy get an alternate ride to school, and I got out of here as soon after the troops had disembarked as I could.

I was able to return the overdue library books and pick up the reserved book by shortly after 9:30.

Then, in just slightly over 2  hours, I managed to hit three grocery stores.

Today my motivational carrot worked.

I got the groceries, paid a little less than I hoped, and was home in time to get Micah's lunch almost on time!

By 1:30 I was at the pottery studio.

(cue happy smile)

We had leftovers for supper, so that was a snap, and in about 15 minutes I'm getting picked up for the December Home & School meeting. (although the name's been changed to protect the innocent or something and I can never remember what it's called now- it's just your basic "PTA") We have a tradition, at Princess Margaret... Community Council?... Parent Association?... For our December meeting we go to Shannanigans- one of the cool coffee places in town. We started this a few years ago when our old (as opposed to our new...) principal forgot the December meeting and locked us out of the school.

And when I get home I'll bake some peppernuts and work on my latest clay project.

A good end to a good day.

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  1. Mmm peppernuts! I made them this year too, for the very first time.