Friday, December 1, 2006

Survey Says....

I am looking at the calendar, and I'm realizing that our annual Christmas Open House is a mere 2 weeks away.


The knowledge of this impending... festival of joy... has been growing on me for about a week, and so I've been polling my friends and family.

What, I have been asking them, is the thing that our Open House would not be same without.

What is your favourite thing- food and drink wise.

The answers, so far, have been widely varied.

I think, over the past 8 years, that we have come up with a few traditional "staples" that go without saying.

The mulled apple-cranberry cider will be there.

The hot cheesy- salsa dip and tortilla chips will be there.

But- since I haven't started baking yet... since I'm still formulating lists in my head... what do you look forward to, dear readers? What would you miss- miss- miss if it was missing from the buffet table?

If there are any dainties or treats that you look forward to all through your Christmas shopping- if Friesen Open House is a carrot you dangle before yourself  for added motivation to be done your own Festive preparations... what is it that gives you joy here? 

If, by the way, any and all of you are in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on Friday, December 15, either in the afternoon (any time after 2:00) or in the evening... you must come by for a drop of cider or a cup of tea. (or coffee or cold punch, as the case may be!) You are all welcome. If you're coming from a far and distant country... or Meadow Lake... or Saskatoon... we can even help you find a place to sleep so you can party hearty all evening and go home the next day! No excuses. Our street address is     in the book

So- as I'm starting my Christmas baking... what do you think? I'll consider all suggestions.

(although I'm not promising that some of the baking won't be "diabetic" and good for you!)


Get busy.

Put your thinking caps on and tell me your Champaign wishes and caviar dreams!


  1. Speaking of Champagne...that is one of my favorites to toast the holidays... but may not fit into the category huh?

    I am a sucker for the dips - spinach, artichoke my friend Helen who is from Scotland but currently resides in the land of Oz makes an awesome seafood dip. She gave me the recipe once but I have lost it.

    I also love shortbread (as we have discussed) and cream puffs. But that's just me.

  2. I won't be able to make it, but some of my favorites include mint nanaimo bars, whipped shortbread and I found a really good recipe for cheese dip (cream cheese, sour cream, monterey jack cheese, bacon bits, green onion, etc) baked in a sourdough breadbowl. It was a big hit at Jason's birthday party in October.

  3. You know, I do love that cranberry cider the very most! As for the food, sorry but I don't even remember what you've had before...everything was so good and you, dear lady, are the very best for having all of us as your guests. I just like being there and visiting you. I could go without the food (but NOT the cider).

  4. I was going to say the nachos and cheese/salsa dip, but you beat me to it!

  5. Well, you know Madeline wants the gingerbread cookies, and it IS her birthday the night of the open house...

    And, seeing as I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about that nacho dip the day after the Grey Cup party, I'd say you better make some of that... (Oh, and thinking of it in a good way... not in a running to the toilet way.) :)

  6. wish I could come...wonder how they do christmas here. I might even make santa lucia buns again this year with the girls....I love them, so thatd be sweet.

  7. Where ARE you Johanna?! HOW are you?! No news is good news and all that, BUT- inquiring parents want to know!

  8. You'd think that I'd be a chocolate torte kind of girl, but no, I prefer cookies over all. I really love those little round dealies that you make. Not sure, but they might have a touch of corn syrup in them. They remind me of unjammed jam jam cookies. They are tiny and perfect. Looking forward to your party.

  9. Peppernuts are a must, as well as your and Randall's company. Thank you for sharing your home with all us ragamuffins.

    Looking forward to it.