Sunday, January 14, 2007

Alrighty, Then.

Apron it is.


In November I was asked to cater a "healthy lunch" for the staff at Micah's school on early dismissal Tuesday in January.

That's this week.

The menu,  (green salad with homemade sweet onion & dill dressing, Minestrone soup, fresh garlic-Parmesan flatbread, apple crisp with low carb. ice-cream, iced green tea... I'll put out some cheese and dill pickle spears),  was approved.

I began making lists last week.

I'll buy the groceries tomorrow morning and do the preliminaries tomorrow evening.

Lunch aside, however, I wasn't sure how keen I was on wearing the hair net over at the school.

I'll need to be there some time in the morning.

At the school I'll put the salad onto individual plates, and bake the flatbread; I'll make coffee and tea and put it in thermos containers. I'll heat the already made apple crisp and dish it up for dessert... and I should have the hair covered.

I'm vain, though, and so I'm not thrilled about being seen in the hairnet.

I'm also paranoid enough about serving or selling something with a hair in it that I've been motivated to wear the hairnet at home on baking days. (that, and my husband has threatened to report me to the health inspectors if I don't)

I had an idea, quite a while ago, to check out the "turban" style head gear that women used to wear in WW2... turns out it was just a large handkerchief folded into a triangle, and wrapped/ tied around the hair.

Being thus motivated by a public cooking engagement, so to speak, I found a piece of finely striped, light blue fabric in my cupboard, and cut out a "kerchief" that could go over my hair,  with long ends that could wrap around to tie in front, on my forehead.

I also cut out  pieces to make an apron.

I sewed the head covering first.

It looks like I imagined it should, which is something, but all the men-folk in my family think it looks pretty stupid...  even Micah wasn't sure which would embarrass him more- the kerchief or the hairnet.

I decided to sew up the apron, and determined that if I really liked it I would wear a hairnet and the apron, knowing that a matching apron and hat would look a little too precious.

So... apron is done and, as I like it,  we'll be going with the hairnet on Tuesday.

Humbling, that will be.

Completely humbling.

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  1. Ah - once you get used to the hair net it won't be so bad. Part of your cooking uniform - like my silly pink mask. (why do manufacturers of small masks think they need to be pink. I'd hate to be a man with a small face)