Friday, January 5, 2007

The Best Of Both Worlds

Or the state of things to come?


Tonight the boys watched a guy movie- "Firewall", with Harrison Ford.

We still have a few days to enjoy the free MAX channels, so we're taking advantage of them while they're here.

There was lots of gun waving, hostage taking, high-tech action.

While they watched downstairs, I had it on upstairs... on a small corner of the computer screen,

And I kept an eye on the movie as I played MSN games with The University Daughter in Saskatoon.

I had a very enjoyable time.

She's seen the movie, so we had fun chatting about it while we played Backgammon, Sudoku and Quarto.

Not a bad way to spend the evening at all.


  1. let me get this straight - you can get whatever max channel the guys are watching to show up on your computer screen? How, praytell, do you accomplish this? i am constantly listening to max from the other room as I poke around online...

  2. We have the downstairs and upstairs televisions connected to the MAX, and there is a computer in the kitchen that has "WinTV" installed. The Husband ran a cable from the upstairs television around the living room and through the wall (or down one vent and up another) into the kitchen where he hooked it up to the computer. We can watch, in the kitchen on the computer, whatever is on the upstairs television.

    If I got that right!