Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So, How Are You Doing?

Asked the Doctor this morning.

Since I was there for the results of the bloodwork I had done 4 weeks ago, I said I don't know. You tell me. 

So he did.

Keep doing what I'm doing, he said.

Good cholesterol is up, Bad cholesterol is good.

Kidney function is great. Overall cholesterol is very good. Sugar levels are acceptable for a diabetic.

So, no change in medication.

Steady as she goes.

I'm doing well.

I guess this means I can't switch to real rice pudding yet... or go from brown to white rice, or million grain bread to plain white...

But, I can still have cream in my tea and butter on that million grain bread.

Between you and me, I was not as worried about the sugar levels as I was that my cholesterol would nix  cream and butter and eggs for breakfast.

So, Happy New Year arteries.

Happy New Year kidneys.

Happy New Year heart and blood.


Here's looking up your old address.


  1. Good for you! That's a big accomplishment to have all those things in check and to have the Dr say "keep on as you are" for something like diabetes management.

    A big pat on the back to you!

  2. Great going - and that news coming after Christmas too. I am sure my Dr is going to find I added a few pounds over the holiday.