Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Aaaaaand.... They're OFF!

Daughter #2 is going to visit her sister,  Daughter #1 (and this refers ONLY to birth order) in Switzerland today.

She'll leave this morning and get there tomorrow afternoon or evening sometime- around 6:00 pm Swiss time, if all goes according to plan.

(She just called to say goodbye again, before her Auntie comes to take her to the airport.)

She's a little nervous, what with this being her first overseas flight and all, but she's excited. 

It will be good for them, the sisters. They haven't been together since August, and they've both done a lot of growing up since then.

If The Daughter is nervous and a little scared, it's nothing compared to what Her Father is feeling this morning.

When I was setting up the Recess Supervision schedule, I jokingly asked if he wanted to take a shift, and to my surprise he said, "sure, why not".

He tried to take it back when he found out he didn't get to wear a badge or anything, but I told him it was already written down and he had to go now.

He's all worried that he won't know what to do... I tried to assure him that all  the Recess Supervisor is expected to do is walk around and look authoritative, but he wasn't convinced that they'd know he was the Recess Supervisor. I said, when I'm doing it, they seem to know I'm it- and 95% of them are bigger than me, so I'm sure they'll have no problem recognizing that you are the boss... the man in charge... the big Kahuna...  he might not even have to walk around the playground if it does't warm up an awful lot in a very short time. They have indoor recess if the temperatures are around -30* C, and right now it's -33 with less than an hour to go. Indoor recess is much less intimidating as the Students all stay in their classroom or the gym, and you just have to walk up and down the halls a couple of times to make sure no one is throwing things. He won't be able to complain about how cold it was though!

Next year I'll have to suggest getting badges made...


  1. Badges are a great idea! We DO need to put their names in the March Newsletter for thanks.

    I can't make them, I only do aprons!! :) :) :)

  2. You mean to say they have outdoor recess if it is 'only' -25 or so!

    Good grief!