Thursday, February 8, 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 Well, I talked to Hillary and Johanna, in Switzerland, at lunch time.

And Randall talked to Hillary at 1:00 in the morning, when she was waiting in Frankfurt, for the plane to Geneva.

And I talked to Hillary yesterday afternoon around 3:00, while she was waiting for her plane to board in Toronto.

And She called yesterday morning, while she was waiting for her ride to the airport in Saskatoon.


She was excited, but I think, also, a little nervous.

Anyway, she's there now.

She made it safely through all the airports, and found her way to the train.

She got to the bus stop where she was to meet her sister.

They were back at the apartment, and freshly washed and ready for the evening.

If they can peacefully coexist  for a week, in the same room, in a small apartment, they will indeed have grown up in the past six months!



  1. bus stop? I met her at the train station...

    even gave her very specific directions about how to walk up the stairs to where I would be. I'm not mean enough to make her try and find a bus stop in a new city.

  2. ya, your directions weren't that helpful. i had to stop and ask... and i took a different train, so there were no stairs to walk up, but i figured it out...