Friday, February 9, 2007

Over The Hills And Through The Woods

To the Grandparent's Tea we go...

This is the day.

Princess Margaret School, since before the dawn of time, by all accounts, has hosted a couple of annual events.

One is the Halloween Tea and Bake Sale.

The other is the Grandparent's Valentine Tea.

The nice thing about these events, is that it brings the community into the school, and gives the children and staff, (and parent's council) a chance to practice hospitality.

The Grandparent's Valentine Tea is a nice little blip on the Routine Radar; each child from Kindergarten to Grade 3 may invite a Grandparent... or two, or four, and songs are sung, and juice and coffee and tea and dainties are consumed, and it's all good.

A pleasant way to end the week. 

A lovely way to start Winter Break week.

It will go well, I'm sure, in spite of the lack of volunteers this year.

That would be the hard thing about these events- parents are just too busy. At least today's activity only involves sorting the dainties (that I hope are gathering on the counter in the school kitchen as I write...) onto plates to be put on the tables, and making a huge urn of coffee and another smaller one of tea. And some large jugs of juice.

We have been promised a crew of grade 7 students to set up tables and chairs, and to serve tea, coffee and juice to the Grandparents at the tables.

I'm sure it will go well.

I'm just really glad that we changed the volunteer times this year- we have, traditionally, started setting up at 9:00 am, and then come back again after lunch. We decided to start at 11:00 this morning, instead, and the kids will set up the tables right after they eat lunch, so that the gym could be used this morning. Much better, I say!

Anyway, having decided to use the extra hour and a half of getting ready time to vacuum and sort out supper, I should get a move on.

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