Thursday, February 22, 2007

Huh. No Clever Titles Coming To Mind...

It's the annual Ladies' Retreat this weekend.

I'm on the planning committee.

Our theme is "Building Bridges"

We're having 3 Workshops, by 3 different people.

I'm one of the people.

I've also been busy typing itineraries, writing devotionals for the two mornings we'll be there, and making up trivia games and ice breakers.

I've also been a single parent since Monday.

It's too bad he had to be away this week, as I very rarely get to bed before 11:30 on nights that I'm here alone with the kids. Partly because it just seems to take forever for the boys to go to their respective holes, and I don't particularly trust them to go to bed on their own if I go to bed first.

Well, I don't trust the youngest one, anyway. I think he'd completely forget to go to bed.

Being a Grass Widow makes me tired.

Planning retreats makes me tired.

Micah's Band Teacher has organized a concert at another local School tomorrow afternoon. The University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra will be performing. Micah keeps asking if he has to go. Me? I'd really like to go so I'm aiming to have  everything done and packed by lunch time.

It's good to have a goal...

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