Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something To Think About

Just read about a new shuttle service being offered at St. Mary High School for young moms with children and babies in the High School Day Care.

It only makes complete sense that when the temperatures drop school attendance drops too.

The Day Care Staff took matters into their own hands, borrowed a van and started making the rounds.

I applaud them!

How caring and sensitive these care givers are. They are there, not just to care for the babies entrusted to them during school hours, but they've opened their hearts to include the moms of these little ones.

I expect that this act of love has done more to motivate some of these girls to work hard at their studies, and has given them more hope than we can guess.

It says "We care about you. We want you to succeed. We know you can do it."

The program costs about $400 to run, and they're hoping they will have funding to continue it next year.

If anyone needs something to support- I say send your money that way. Drop in at the St. Mary High School office next week and find out who to make the cheque out to. Designated giving to bring hope and a future.

Such a simple solution.

Immeasurable returns.

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  1. That is such a good idea. It is hard enough being a young mom with a car - hauling the baby to school plus all the books and the baby's bag - tiring and some days discouraging. I can't imagine how much harder that is without a car.

    As you say - a good place to invest a little money.