Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Your True Colours

I love that the morning sun shines blindingly in through the East facing window of the kitchen.

Did I mention blindingly?

Je n'aime pas that the light is SO overwhelmingly bright.

Maybe it's just that the only thing  I can see, when the sun is shining in, as it works its way to the South facing window (to keep me sightless as I'm peeling potatoes for supper...) is all the dust.

The sun shines in all day- it's lovely! Really it is!

But, why does the sun, when it's not robbing me of my visual abilities, seem to delight in showing every speck and grain of dust on every surface? It has an uncanny ability to seek out all the grubby spots on the linoleum too...

1 comment:

  1. lauralea, really, who cares about a little dust or a lot for that matter? In the grand scheme of things it matters not. Right?