Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"Received And Will Be Passed Along"

This is exciting!

I chose "Graham Kerr's Best", from my large cookbook collection, to be the first Cookbook of the Month at (still coming soon to a web spot near you...).

I thought it would be nice to pick one of my favourite recipes from the Cookbook of the Month, but there is this thing called "copyright"... so I googled Mr. Kerr, found his website, and sent off an email to ask permission to share a certain recipe from the book. 

I wasn't sure if someone in the email department there would be able to help, but it looks like they can. I had an email in my box this morning, letting me know that my email had been received, and was being passed along- I'm assuming to the proper authorities.

I hope permission is granted... if not I'll just be highlighting the cookbook and leaving it at that. 

It's a good recipe, though... didn't need any tweaking at all... 

This did get me thinking ahead for the second and third "Cookbook of the Month". I should start the process well ahead of time... it wouldn't do to have disgruntled publishers of cookbooks breathing down my neck and threatening lawsuits...

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog.

    Now when you are coming over - or when I want to make a guiltless dessert - I know just where to look.