Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Making A Clean Getaway

(Didn't do it tonight.)

I cleaned up the Babysitting Course material (finally!) and took the binder along to the Parent Council meeting tonight.

I had the Principal show me where he had moved the Course Materials box, and I guess I just took too long getting away...

I got cornered.

He and the Vice-Principal caught me.

Oh, nothing bad.

They are planning a Healthy Lifestyles Fair for the 30th of March, and I was being pressed to take charge of a station.

The Healthy Snack Station.

I have been thinking that the last week in March would be the best time to go down and visit my parents... (and bring them their Christmas gifts... yes, I know. Shameful.) so I think that I've agreed to plan the Healthy Snack Station, and the Vice-Principal will set it up and get volunteers to man it.

If this is so, then it is going to be very fun. I get to think it out, and plan it out, and everyone else gets to do it!

I was planning to be back by Thursday night, anyway, depending on the busses, so I'll be able to actually be there at least on Friday afternoon.

Pretty cool.

March has been designated "Healthy Lifestyles Month".

They were saying tonight that they have kids- even the young ones, reading the labels on their lunch items and talking about healthy choices. Very exciting stuff.

I like the idea of a Visual Snack Station, where kids can see just how much popcorn or fresh fruit or fruit snacks or chocolate they could eat for a snack.. and hopefully SEE that if you choose hot air popcorn without wacks of butter, or apples or bananas that you can have a much more filling snack than if you choose a chocolate bar or chips.

This will involve making a hand out or two, and organizing a variety of snack items, and planning an easy, healthy snack that they can make and eat right there.


This will probably be very fun.

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  1. Yeah Lauralea!!

    Your secret is out, you love to cook and it is well known that you are good at it!

    Have you thought about furthering your education in that field..... (nutritionist, baker, consultant, etc...)

    Now, ther's food for thought!!!

    :) Barb