Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Despite The Weather,

Or maybe because of it,

I had an inexplicable craving for wieners and beans, and potato salad.

So that's what we had for supper.

We finished it off with half a grapefruit... and for some reason, it just hit the spot.

I believe last year March came in like a Penguin as well... no, it was a Polar Bear.

I wonder if this is the new "normal"? Cold, snowy weather at the beginning of March.

I am very ready for Spring, in any event.

Good thing I have the Recipe Blog to keep me occupied! I've been busy packing and moving... as soon as the Husband- Web- Genius- Guy can get it showing up where it's supposed to be showing up...

It looks good.

And I'm excited about it.

Can't wait.

Maybe tomorrow...


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