Saturday, March 10, 2007

For Just A Brief Moment...

I awoke to, what I thought, was the sound of Canada Geese flying north...

My little heart gave a leap of joy!

There was a surge of delight, as that hope that ever springs eternal... sprang.

At last!

At last, I thought!

The warm weather, and melting snow, the blue skies are not a dream!

Here was the firm, solid promise of the advent of Spring that I had been longing for.

When the Geese are on the move, the new season moves from the realms of fiction to become FACT.


With a happy little sigh, I listened, for a few lovely, brief moments to what I thought was the sound of Canada Geese wending their squawky way North...

And then I realised that the noise was coming from the mini speaker under my husband's pillow, and that what I heard was, in reality... NPR.


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