Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thunder And Damnation

Being between library books, I was, of necessity, forced to pull out my Georgette Heyer Omnibus.

Five Regency Romances, written between 1926 and 1957.

I picked the book of books up at the ongoing library discontinued book sale, and pull it out when I need something to fill the gaps.

They're different and fun. A departure from the norm.

They also tend to leave strange words and phrases lingering long after the 30-something rich Duke or Earl has overcome a class barrier to marry the poor but feisty distant cousin, having first set out to wed a suitable female of his mother's or sister's choosing and at their urging ...

Does it signify?

It doesn't signify, although I must own it's excessively handsome of you.

Devilish respectable.

Dash it, you Rogue!

Pray, come in!

Good God! He's raving mad!

Depend upon it, things have come to such a pass that I am obliged to make my way, without further consideration to the library. Only think of my poor reputation!


  1. When I started reading P.G. Wodehouse (if you haven't read him already, I'm sure you'd love him), I used a piece of paper as a bookmark and I filled it front to back with unfamiliar words to check in the dictionary---and that was only part way through the book.

    Good times.

  2. Well dash it all Laura - didn't you remember us English folks talking like that when we came over? What's a chap to do if he can't leave some jolly memorial behind from old blighty?

  3. I must have been reading such stuff and nonsense just before you came Toni... making your speech seem normal, and no cause for comment... Georgette Heyer, or P.G.Wodehouse, (yes... I DO love Jeeves and Bertie Wooster!)

    And this morning? I woke up cursing my plaguy shoulder! Devil take it.

    I've finished the last book now, so I'll get to the library as fast as I can to find something more edifying... or intelligent!