Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Sure It's No Reflection On My Advanced Old Age,

But... I am sick again.

At least it's just in my sinuses and chest.

It could be worse.

I could have an obscenely sore throat like Randall had last week.

But I don't.

So that's good.

Meanwhile, I blew off my birthday... literally... and removed myself to the couch last night, to sleep sort of upright.

Besides the constant nose blowing and coughing, it wasn't a bad birthday, as birthdays go.  I celebrate a nondescript age  this year.


I mean, it's not the mind altering "4- zero", nor yet a half decade year. It just is what it is.

So, today I've cancelled my appointments and I'll lie low. Maybe even horizontally.

Tea and Tylenol; that's my panacea.

And... that's all.


  1. Ya. 44 is pretty nondescript alright. Those years in the middle, looking back on them, kind of ran all together.....come to think of it, the middle 50's did that too!

    "Happy Birthday" to one extra-special, wonderful person.....I love you.

  2. Happy birthday, girl! You're such a young thing.

  3. Hoppy Birdie - sorry you're sick.

    It may not be a spectacular number, but never mind.

    Take care lass.