Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things I Learned At Conference

For all intents and purposes, Conference is over.

The business meetings are done.

The seminars are concluded.

The Coffee hours and networking, for the most part-  finis.

Just the Sunday morning service and lunch, and then we will be free to crash.


So, what have I learned, thus far, at the 103 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada?

Many things.

I have learned that my husband is well respected within the ECCC. No, I lie. I knew that before, this was just a truth that was reinforced.

I have learned that when the chips are down, people vacuum them up and work together pretty well while they do it.

I have learned that when the Speaker at the evening session  says, "Who is tired of everything always being big?" it's a rhetorical question, and I shouldn't raise my hand.

I have learned that when I'm sitting beside Tammy, and I raise my had at rhetorical questions, she gets infectious giggles and is a purely bad influence on me.

I have learned that my husband is a calming influence on me, and I need him to keep me solemn and sober.

I have learned that I also can't sit next to Greg, when my husband isn't around to keep me solemn and sober.

I learned that "bison" and "buffalo" are definitely the same thing.

I learned that I prefer cool jazz over swinging blues after 10:00 at night.


It's been a long, long weekend.

It's been a long, long several months leading up to the weekend.

For all that it's been long and tiring, it's been a really good weekend. 

Really good.


  1. And now - I hope you guys can pause, breath, recuperate, grow into your new areas of experience and strength.

  2. Thanks for the giggles. Such fun.