Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Like I Said... Easily Excitable

The cool purchase  today was  "individual pizza pans" (6 inch baking tins) from Hunt's... formerly known as "Fine Foods",  just around the corner of 4 St. and 13th Ave. East in P.A.

They had a stack of these little tins for $1.49 each.

I bought 4.

Then I came home, and in between loaf recipes (I must say, the Maple Pumpkin loaf is looking mighty good...) baked an Orange Cake... with enough twigs to: take the calories from 570 per piece to 350, reduce the fat from 21.1 g to 10.5 g, lower the cholesterol from 88 mg to 48 mg and hack the carbohydrates from 94 g (!) to 60 g. The protein went up by 3 g... and the fibre, for an inexplicable reason went down by .9 g... maybe they used orange juice with pulp... and I didn't count the orange rind...


That REALLY excites me.

Because it was a delicious cake, and EVERYONE liked it.

I'm going over to lauraleacooks.com now to post it.

Happy, happy, happy....  

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