Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Forget Waiting For Spring!

It would seem that SUMMER is what's happening...

If the new "Summer Hours" schedule on the door of the Art Centre is anything to go by!

Went to feed my pot addiction tonight, and found the place locked up tighter than a steel drum.

(... I was going to say, "where does that saying come from", and then I Googled it... and it seems the phrase might actually be "locked up tighter than a drum"... which causes me to say... where does that saying come from...?)


Instead of playing with clay, my Pottery Pal and I took the coffee she so thoughtfully brought, and drove out to the park.  It was such a nice hour. A really good break from life, even if we couldn't get potty.

So . . .  HOORAY for Summer!

Break out the flip-flops and tank tops!

Summer's here, kids!

1 comment:

  1. i'm all about the flip flops and sandals, especially since bending over to tie shoes is becoming increasingly difficult these days, i wonder why....i've been wearing sandals every chance i get for about a month now, that means some cold toes on certain mornings, but it's so worth it!

    now i'm just waiting 'till i can kick off the sandals and walk along a beach in the hot sand...