Monday, May 7, 2007

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

It wasn't a bad movie.

There were several unexpected jumps.

It was a little long, but the plot pretty much held together.

I think the only "language" might have been one "What the hell...?"

The only sex was a couple of steamy kisses.

One bad guy was really bad.

One bad guy was just misunderstood.

One bad guy became a good guy in the end.

I wouldn't pay $8.50 to see it again, although it was good on the big screen.

Another redemptive- forgiveness- defeat the evil that is within you- spiritual theme running through this one, although not as blatantly Messianic as Superman.

Over-all... a good movie.

If, however, you get motion sickness, you might want to take some Dimenhydrinate; there's a lot of swooping, diving camera action.

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  1. There was one bit in the movie (Spiderman 3, in case you missed it) that really bugged me at the time ... at one point Peter Parker is visiting his Aunt and she's putting out cookies and making tea... and she pours water into the teapot, and as they continue talking she pours out the tea. It's quite visible, and quite obviously NOT tea yet- whether she was using actual boiling water, or, as it's a film set, she was just going through the motions... whatever- she was DEFINITELY not pouring out tea. THAT really set my Spidey senses tingling!