Sunday, May 6, 2007

Diet Begins With "Die"

So, in 8 days I'm leaving on a jet plane.

Victoria calls.

And my best oldest girlfriend and her husband and young son.

I'm looking forward to flowers and wind and rain.

And long walks and good talks.

They were concerned about my Diabetic Diet.

My response to queries about my dietetic needs, was that they're probably already eating the things I'm supposed to be eating.  Mulit- grain (or as my old Principal would say- "Hippy") bread... low fat and high fibre in all things... fruit and veg...  

The kind of thing you would expect from the health conscious kind of people who live on the West Coast!

I was last there 4 years ago, and I was amazed at their grocery store... there were things in bins that I'd never seen or heard of before!

This time I'll take notes.


Looking forward to it.

On so very many levels.

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