Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Official

I hate, nay despise-even loathe cleaning the bathtub.

I also hate vacuuming with the Shop- Vac. Well, the appliance itself isn't bad, it's the heavy, heavy Electrolux + Shop-Vac hoses (stuck together to extend the reach because the electrical cord isn't long enough to allow a lot of mobility) and the flat, plastic hose head.

Hose head.

Now I'm Bob and Doug MacKenzie.


Good thing the chores are done.

Only about 15 minutes until Micah is due back. Maybe I'll go read the last bit of Bleak House and watch for the bus to go by.


  1. Hey, I saw an advertisement here on PBS that tonight they are running the movie "Bleak House" on the channel.

    I'm not sure if its on our PBS station but it might be worth checking out.

    Unless you've had enough of that book.

    see you tonight.

  2. It has been on here; I caught a glimpse of it last night- just a few minutes, but enough to recognize where, in the book, they were at with the show. I'd probably be interested in watching it sometime, all at once, after I'm finished the book. The library probably has it on video or DVD.