Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's Looking At You, Kid

This has nothing to do with Humphrey Bogart,  it's just time for a new look.

I've been getting a little fed up with my hair lately... and in light of recent developments, summer-wise, I've decided that it's time for something completely different.

I'm thinking radical.

Not purple spiked punk radical... just maybe quite short.

I get tired of fussing with the stuff- hot brushing and curling ironing, and spraying and fluffing... only to have an hour's work blow away at the first puff of wind or get washed out from the least little amount of moisture in the air.


I think I mean business.

I'm sure my hairdresser will be pleased as punch... as I suspect that she cringes when she sees me coming these days, (although when my hair is in such desperate need of pruning I never tell anyone who my hairdresser is- I wouldn't want my follicularly challenged head to be any reflection on her superior abilities...)

So, we'll see how it comes out in the wash.

And the cut.

And the blow-dry.

1 comment:

  1. That's funny. I looked over at you at church yesterday and thought, "Lauralea's hair looks really good."

    The past week or so, I've been thinking I'd take the haircut plunge too. Maybe 4-5 inches off. Marc doesn't want me to, but I think I'm ready. It'll grow back if I want it to, after all.

    Hope we look good after it's all said and done!