Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Blame Jack And Adon

(They're the cats that got my tongue... in Victoria...)

It never fails, does it, that when you take a break from reality and come back all rested and refreshed... that you hit the ground running and stop to catch your breath 4 days later to realize how tired you are again!

Oh, well.

It was a good break from my particular reality, and Baby A. was a delight, and the cats were charming too. (although my first night there, Jack tricked me into letting him out at 4:00 in the morning when I creaked down to the bathroom. I found out in the morning that he's not allowed out at night. Sneaky boy... that's the one who came in the catdoor in the basement after being let out twice, just to freak me out when I was babysitting!)

And then this morning in Church- a huge surprise.

Our Church family have pooled their resources to buy us tickets to Iona


We're planning  several weeks of Sabbatical this summer, and they just wanted to start it off with a bang for us.

So, we'll go hang out at the Abbey and try to retreat a bit.

And maybe catch up with friends, and do some sightseeing...


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