Thursday, June 7, 2007

Move Over, Robbie Burns, I'm On My Way

In discussion regarding what we need to bring to Scotland, we duly noted that the room in the Bed & Breakfast purports to be fitted out with coffee and tea making gear.

I'll bring tea bags, I said.

You don't think they'll have tea in England? he said.


Now, I agree that, for a people who don't even grow their own, the British have a reputation for knowing their tea.

I'm also thinking that we're going to an Island.

A small island.

A very small island, with another island between it and the mainland.

There is a shop on the island, but I figured everything will have to be shipped in - literally!

Having spent a few months working in Banff, I applied the art of living in a society who's income predominantly comes from tourists, to the Isle of Iona.

I suspect that were I to walk into the shop, and should the shop keeper recognize me as a local, the price on the tea would mysteriously halve when it was rung through.

Not being a local, I thought it would be judicious to bring tea along- for the first week, when we're out in the wilds and everything will be pricey.

Now- my husband was a little skeptical- nay, let's be honest. He mocked me.

BUT, as Scotland is the object of our journey, and frugality is the object of my planning, I should think, were it to be discovered that I carried tea, (an object so light in mass as to barely increase the pull on the handle of the suitcase as it wheels over the cobbles) I would be celebrated and venerated by that prudent, penny-wise culture.


Even as I am thinking through the creation of a low- fat, very high fibre square made with extra protein powder with easy portability to safeguard from low sugar episodes while out walking, ( inhale )

I will plan on smuggling a good number of New Brunswick's King Cole Tea bags to Scotland in the suitcase.

Maybe a slim, easy to carry thermos would be in order too... for those long tramps around the island...


  1. I'm sure they'll have tea, but as there's 2-and-a-fair-bit $CAD to the pound then economy is a good reason to bring something so light. You might find the Scots less keen on frugality in tourists than their reputation would make you think, but I'd be surprised if the tea making apparatus didn't include tea and coffee FOC. Play your cards right and you'll possibly even get some biscuits.

  2. A wee thermos for walks? Not a bad idea. I have one that I might actually find because my kitchen should be back in shape before you leave. I have a wee one - meant for one's briefcase. Would fit nicely in a backpack.

  3. Aye, an' a wee bit of an island it is, ta be sure, lass. An' you'll no be forgetin' yer wee walkin' stick too. It'll be helpin' ya along on yer journey, Dearie.

  4. Just remember to pack anything that might make a mess in a ziplock bag. They really made a mess of my luggage with their inspections and didn't pack everything back so it leaked all over and wrecked my nice little travel bag. I really didn't know they still did that with all the x-ray stuff nowadays. They don't allow any liquids on the plane, so you might want to tuck your thermos in your checked luggage. Bring whatever you can from one frugal traveller to another. The nice little snack packs on the plane are only $5.00 and have a nice little combination of goodies. I highly recommend trying one. Randall can eat the little cookies.