Thursday, July 19, 2007

Home Again.

It feels like such a long summer already.

Like so long ago since we were getting ready to go to Iona.

So long since the kids were in school and summer was a dream.

Parts of me are already longing for autumn; for routine and normalcy.

For cooler days and longer nights.


We did 2 weeks in Scotland and England.

Then we were home for a week. Just long enough to beat the jet lag.

We've just come back from a quick run to my Parents' in Southern Saskatchewan.

We had a good visit with them, and I was able to celebrate an amazing accomplishment with my Mom- in that she made her Weight Watcher's goal. (I'm sure she won't mind my saying!) She has worked really hard for 34 weeks and took off 37 pounds. I'm very proud of her. It was good to be at the meeting where they made it official!

We were also able to connect with some old friends from my hometown of Prince George. Mom & Dad Olsen were on their way to a family reunion out East, and they were able to stop at my Parents' for an hour on their way. They'd also picked up their son, my friend, who's here for a couple weeks from Switzerland where he's been living for 17 years or so. He brought his kids with him, and it was just really good to catch up. We were shocked and slightly saddened, I think, to realize that we haven't seen each other, (my friend and I) since the summer I got married- 22 years ago. Far too long. 

I think the past month just seems a bit of a blur.

Maybe next week, when Randall's in Chicago for his course and Micah's at camp, I'll catch up again.

Of course... I have visions of pottery studios dancing in my head...

We'll see what the weekend brings.

Probably a lot of laundry and packing!

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