Saturday, July 14, 2007

Things You (read tall people) Take For Granted*:

(*or, Things I  Need A Step-Stool/ Chair/ Kitchen Counter/ Six Foot Ladder To Attempt)

Getting a pound of bacon from the bottom of the chest freezer.

Re-hooking the shower curtain when one of the loops becomes undone.

Anything Curtain- Valance-Window Covering related.

Cleaning the bathroom mirror.

Dusting the top of the piano.

Or the fridge.

Or the bookshelves.

Hanging out laundry.

The top shelf of the pantry.

The top shelf of the kitchen cabinets.

The back of the second shelf of same.

Cleaning windows.

The fridge freezer.

Peep holes in doors.

Stirring the stock pot on the stove.

Mixing/ cutting on the kitchen counter.

Putting the star on the top of the Tree.

Decorating for Christmas in general.

Roof Racks.

Linea's new bathroom sink.

Wheelchair friendly toilets.

Towel hooks that hang over the top of bathroom doors.

Bar stools.


...I still think I should qualify for a handicapped sticker for the license plate...


  1. You've just gotta learn how to clamber up onto cupboards and for me.

  2. you got it in one......

    us "vertically challanged people" have to stick together

  3. Thank you for that! I sent it to a good friend of mine that is 'vertically challenged'. Our sinks at work were made six inches lower than a normal sink - an oversight they will be fixing. She said but it's the only thing in this place that's my height! Everything else is built for giants.