Friday, August 24, 2007


That's just such a fun word to say.

I spent several hours as a garden guest Wednesday.

Came home with 4 shopping bags full of cucumbers, a bag of potatoes and a bag of carrots and onions.

Yesterday I put a little more than half of the cucumbers into jars with dill, garlic and salty vinegar water. We should have pickles in a few weeks.

Today I sliced half of the remaining cucumbers and made my Grandma Morrison's bread and butter pickles. I used half Splenda and half sugar, and initial taste testing bodes well.

Micah's bought himself immunity from dishes until further notice by mowing the whole lawn. In spite of  chest congestion that just won't quit.

Only four more days until school starts for the boys and work starts for the husband. Only another week until all the elder offspring begin departing for regions west and unknown.

A cake is cooling on the counter. I think I will write on it; "Caution: Work Free Zone" in honour of Hillary's last day of summer employment.

We're going to my girlfriend Wendy's for supper. She's promised to make hamburgers. She's great, is Wendy.

Tomorrow might be another batch of bread and butter pickles. If I remember to buy more vinegar.

We have to go school supply shopping at some point. Tonight or tomorrow, maybe.

I'm concluding that I am a 10 hour per night person... that I need about 10 hours of sleep on a regular basis to maintain peek sanity. That really ticks me off. It means there's only 14 hours in a day, then, and 14 hours just doesn't seem enough. I don't think I appreciate 10/14. I'd much rather be 8/16. 7/17 would be better yet, or even the optimum 6/18. But 10/14?! At least it's not 12/12. Oh, Baby. 

Time to go frost the cake. 


  1. Well, I say, if you need 10 hours then take 10 hours. And really go at it when you are awake.

  2. Actually, from what you describe doing today - don't go at it any harder. You put most of us to shame anyway.