Monday, August 27, 2007

All's Quiet On The Western Front...

Too quiet.

I don't trust it.


I'm just getting ready to clean up from brunch (waffles with custard sauce and bacon), while the rice pudding for supper dessert continues to cook.

I'll very soon start chopping things to go in the soup for supper.

I pulled the last package of farmer sausage out of the freezer for the soup, and phoned the number of the company. (Valley Meat Processors).


They don't sell any closer than Rosthern.

This is too bad. It's good Mennonite style farmer sausage. I think you have to be named "Neudorf" (as the owner is...) to make good farmer sausage.

Ah, well. I'll keep trying to get lucky at the Lucky Foods in Saskatoon, which is the only retail outlet we've found to carry the stuff. Maybe I'll have to make a run to Friesen's Food's in Rosthern. The store has a promising name at least! And it's half as close as Saskatoon.

I'm off to make the soup and wash the first batch of dishes, and get ready for the rest of the company.

My Mom, Sister and Niece are coming this afternoon. They're pit stopping on their way to B.C. to visit my Mom's parents. Haven't seen my sister for several years, so it will be good to visit.


Kitchen first, then attend to the bathroom.


  1. May I suggest J&J Sausage in Warman. Very good farmer sausage!

  2. I do believe that we buy from Valley Meats. If they are the ones up by Neuanlage. My husband's distant relatives are the owners. His grandmothers nephew I think. (The grandmother has close to 20 siblings!)

    Anyway, it's great stuff! We are also on our last package, and will be ordering shortly.