Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blood Pressure: 120/80

Pulse Rate: 70 bpm

Respiratory Rate: 15


In spite of having virtually no reflexes (it's a fact!) I AM alive.

Just busy.

Things are starting to settle down. The boys are both back in school. Micah started Tuesday, and Thomas went back today.

Sunday night Hillary will leave for school.

We had hoped to drive her, but it looks like that won't be possible, so we will probably take her as far as the Saskatoon bus depot and send her off. Harder for all of us, but the best we can do.

Monday or Tuesday morning Johanna and Nate will leave for points west. It will be hard to see them go as well, not knowing when we'll have her or them back again. And knowing she's heading into the Ring Of Fire...   

And then it will be just we four again. Wee four.

And I almost had cooking for a crowd relearned. 

Ah, well.

There seem to be a lot of changes this fall. 

The challenge will be learning to ease back into things and roll with the punches.

And getting to bed on time.

And not taking on too many things.

But for now, it's pillow cases that want ironing and Parmesan-garlic flatbread that wants shaping.  

So for now, that's what I'll do.

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  1. yeah, lots of changes.

    But I'm not going anywhere.