Monday, September 3, 2007

And Then There Were Four

Daughter #1 and her intended ( a wonderful young man that we already love) left this morning. 

Her sister left last night. 

In less than 24 hours we've shrunk from seven to four.

And it is so hard on the youngest one.

He spent the morning grieving; Almost as affected as when his Grandfather died last year.

And in a way, it is like a death.

The bigger ones move on, and he continues to be left behind.

Never quite old enough.

Never quite mature enough.

Still such a long way from his own commencement.

Over lunch we pondered some of the benefits of being the last one at home.

There were a few, but it rang a little hollow yet.

We set him to mowing half the lawn to help take his mind off it.

It seemed to help.

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